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We had a friend named Ben Bram help us out with the arranging process. There are actually more advantages than disadvantages. We’re still on our way up, but I think we’ve been doing an amazing job. Last week, Dolly became the first artist to ever land a top 20 hit on Billboard’s “Hot Country Songs” chart in each decade since 1969.It’s all thanks to her new collaboration with Pentatonix, an a cappella remake of Dolly’s classic, “Jolene.” “She is such a legend, and she's so kind,” Scott adds.“When we walked into the room to work with her, the first thing she said was, 'Pentatonix, it's such an honor to work with you guys,' and we just melted to the floor, because we're such huge fans.Scott Hoying is an American singer, lyricist, and musician.Hoying was an established the vocal gathering called Pentatonix.What is involved in the group’s song selection process?We’ll discuss our favorite songs of the time or songs that we always really wanted to do as a group.

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Mitch Grassi: Pentatonix started out as a trio with Kirstie, Scott and me, because we had been in choir for most of our high school careers. More than that, especially now, currently with the music we are doing, we all have different musical influences. A pentatone is defined as “a gapped scale with five notes; usually the fourth and seventh notes of the diatonic scale are omitted.” Please say something about the choice of Pentatonix as the name of the group.I would say that mine is a little bit more electronic. The pentatonic scale is a scale that’s very popular in R&B, soul and pop music.

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