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Three cracking games in a fiercely contested series - one which will go down in history books for producing the most runs in a 3-match ODI series. * Virat Kohli has now reached 1000 runs in ODIs as captain in 17 innings - the fewest by any.

England finished with four dots, quite a contrast given they finished the World T20 final at this very venue with four sixes. Breaks AB de Villiers' record in 18 innings to 1000 runs as captain. Kohli: "It's been a series of lot of positives for us. Even today we were 173/5, all the top-order batsmen back in the hut, but two youngsters step up and get a hundred partnership. We got excited seeing two young guys showing great character against good quality fast bowlers. He hasn't had many games, but now he's coming into his own. Gives the two experienced guys (Yuvi and MS) the opportunity to bat up the order by taking responsibility down the order.

Note that documents that are within the same shard and have the same value for function, however, it avoids the overhead of scripting.

If the script has parameters that it needs to take into account, it is preferable to reuse the same script, and provide parameters to it: generates scores that are uniformly distributed in [0, 1[.As an example, imagine you have a document indexed with a numeric Keep in mind that taking the log() of 0, or the square root of a negative number is an illegal operation, and an exception will be thrown.Be sure to limit the values of the field with a range filter to avoid this, or use `log1p` and `ln1p`.allows you to modify the score of documents that are retrieved by a query.

This can be useful if, for example, a score function is computationally expensive and it is sufficient to compute the score on a filtered set of documents.

Decay functions score a document with a function that decays depending on the distance of a numeric field value of the document from a user given origin.