Scientific dating of the ramayana and the vedas jewish online dating single site

22-Feb-2020 06:15

The natal chart of Ramachandra indicates a yogic Rajayoga, a rare planetary pattern, wherein the native rises to be a King in the materialistic sense even while renouncing all worldly pleasures.

It is an established fact that Rama, during his reign over the kingdom of Ayodhya lived a simple hermit's life.

That's the basis of all religions, not just Hinduism.

Whether you are looking a scientific validation of epic events or you are looking to undermine them by holding them against a scientific mirror, the question may not be valid in this forum because it's likely to produce opinion-based discussions.

Astrological interpretations of Rama's birth chart provide us further insights.

In fact, the matching and the mapping between his natal chart and the course of his life is so precise that it can be used as a case study in support of the science of astrology itself!

Sita followed Rama during his exile, while in contrast, Lakshmana left his consort behind in Ayodhya.However, cultural impact and continuity is considered an integral part in validating and endorsing historic prevalences and other fields related to history, such as cultural anthropology.In that sense, even if it's a story today, there is still scope for future evidence to meet and validate the events.Nevertheless, here is an answer that will be honey to your ears : No.

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As scientific and historic studies stand today, there is no irrefutable, conclusive evidence in the scientific, archaeological excavation and historic dates sense about the events in the Ramayana, outside of the calculations and chronological backdating from the framework of Hinduism itself.

Valmiki has also beautifully described the sky at the moment when Rama left Ayodhya on his 14-year exile.

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