Sccm compliance report not updating

03-Feb-2020 20:55

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Advisory: This has been resolved in Patch Management 8.x by running the following setting to enable the 'Send additional status events for Software Update policies (Aex SWD Status)' on the Windows Patch Remediation Settings.

Note: This process is not real-time and is dependent upon scheduled tasks to execute.

if the heartbeat is aged then local SCCM agent service is either stopped\offline or the agent is generally unhealthy.

It is important that the role of the scan date\data is understood clearly by teams performing troubleshooting.

All that should be required to get this report working in other environments that already have SSRS available is to upload the RDL and use Report Builder to modify the server details to point to their SCCM SQL database server name and database name.

It never fails.a month there is at least 1 trouble client that refuses to update and causes me to get incessant emails telling me such things from a higher up.

Note that the Software Updates affected by this are irrelevant as the event needs to take place once more before the issue is resolved and the workaround is no longer needed.

However, the Last Execution date helps to know what time frame the updates were deployed.

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Power Shell PM Reboot (455.6 KB) Report used to view Computer Name, Missed Event and Last Executed date.The environment is SCCM 2012, the client has SCC installed but is not pulling in any updates. I have access to SCCM console but am not the admin of SCCM, but can do things like send client scans, inventory, re-deploy SCC, etc (which I have done). I have 300 machines that have to be patched each month and all the rest were fine, just not this one.I am not an expert really on what logs to look into and what to look for or how to otherwise troubleshoot the issue. This blog post is quick one to check ,patch (Bulletin ID) is member of what software update package. In order to check the Patch compliance/Deployment status,there are some default reports ,one of the widely used report to know the compliance status for specific Update group on specific collection is – If you search on the web for Configmgr patch compliance report ,you get various links that talk about compliance reports ,you utilize them to start working on the customized report the way you want but i was looking for something that give me the overall compliance status for each month ? Here is another patch statistics report for SCCM 2007 environment with summary of patches that are deployed within month (30 days) with different column.

You may be wondering why do you need to check since clients can connect to the DP and download the patches as long as these patches are available on the DP. select 'Total number of active patches within 30days:', COUNT(distinct Title) AS 'Count' FROM v_GS_Patch Status Ex WHERE (DATEDIFF(Day, Last Status Time, GETDATE())) Long back created a report for the monthly Patch statistics which can be found in So if there were no updates available to be installed, why were my Software Update compliance reports showing the client as non-compliant and the Deployments in the Monitoring node in the console saying the client In Progress for a Software Update group deployment?