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She runs a search on people who went to her college and finds Jasmine.From here, Heather can chat with Jasmine, tag her, leave her a comment, add her as a colleague, or view some of Jasmine's contributions in her communities, blog, social bookmarks, or activities.First, Heather heads into the Profiles section of Lotus Connections.Here, she can search for people based on information she might know about them, including name, phone number, or email address (see Figure 6.1).

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Heather can view files that are being shared with her; files that she has shared; and collections, or groupings, of files (see Figure 6.3).I removed this from and ran -console again and it upgraded fine.Lotus Connections is an enterprise social software suite of tools that can be used to address various common business challenges, such as finding expertise, sharing information effectively, and enabling teams to work together.Using tags, Heather can navigate around the blogs to learn about the topics people in Renovations are discussing the most, and even join in the conversation herself (see Figure 6.2).

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Now Heather decides to check out what Jasmine is sharing in her social files.Heather wants to learn more about what Jasmine does at Renovations, so she decides to check out her blog.