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02-Jan-2020 16:20

Our ISP is currently experiencing mobile APN connectivity issues in the Western Cape region, and some of our cameras are off line as a result.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and hope to restore service ASAP. I thought I would wake up to very crappy conditions So squeeze in a quickie before she blows her load Its small but worth a tickle Low – 07h50High – 14h05Completely caned on Thursday Its between those concrete things and that’s about it Low – 08h25High – 14h40The same goes for Friday Dirt Bin the call Expect big frothy conditions on the coast Low – 09h00High – 15h10Saturday is looking like it could be on for sure Have a good one Keep it simple / keep it clean A few waves here and there yesterday I’m going to keep this very simple Pomping NE winds today and all weekend Its going to be very kuk Only hope we have is a shorey on the early tide and later in the arvo And there you have it Highs – 08h00 / 09h30 / 11h25Lows – 14h10 / 16h00 / 04h40 and 17h55Have a good one Keep it simple / keep it clean The swell is up but so is the southerly A few reports of some decent waves at the more protected spots Try looking there again for the day as the southerly sets in Move into neaps High – 06h00 / 18h20Low – 12h10An early land breeze to clean up the southerly wobble Slight drop in swell to around 4-5ft at 10secs Should be something on at most spots Light to moderate onshore later so milk it in the AMHigh – 06h55 Low – 13h00Fresh NE is back on Friday Wait for the swell angle to change and try the shorey on the change of tides High – 07h55Low – 14h10Fresh devil wind all weekend Local sloppy shore break Have a good one Keep it simple Keep it clean Dismal Dismal Dismal weekend for surf once again We can however start the week off on a positive note Southerlys for the next three days Fresh today going strong tomorrow and Wednesday Its five days of power NE winds from Thursday so get your fill wherever you can over the next three days Small and limp this morning Not much going on with an early high on the cards Best take a look at the more protected spots as tide and wind settles in later High – 04h40 / 17h00Low – 10h45Swell starts to jack around mid morning on Tuesday and continues to grow as the day moves on Hopefully the more protected spots will hold the wind that is due otherwise its piddle between the concrete man made for the day High – 05h20 / 17h35Low – 11h30There is some solid 8ft swell due for Wednesday This may arrive or swing out to sea before reaching us Southerly remains strong early tapering off as the day moves forward It’s a 50/50 call to look at the more protected spots or head into Dirt Bin I think hang back and wait before taking a look at the more protected spots High – 06h05 / 18h20Low – 12h10Have a good one Keep it simple / keep it clean Hell Wind is up and going to crank all day Its kuk!

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Hi all, I was able to easily set up the upload for my weather data to Wunderground, no issues there. Biu ZWsm KKkoai0https:// Forecast?

query=pws: KMASTERL9I had some problems setting up the web cam on the Wunderground side for a while, but I figured that out.

I know things are OK on the Wunderground side at this point because I can FTP into webcam.with my cam ID and my Wunderground password with no issues using a standard FTP client. For the first week or so, it said authentication error. It's unclear to me if I have to something else to trigger the uploads.

use personal directions if you are getting a camera upload errors: I deleted my registered devices (I have a sky1 and sky2 with two different WU PWS and WU camera ). i went to wun.and put in my password for the camera ID (wrusprod CAM1) on the Device ID with the correct station ID.(KMISTCLA15).still shows ' NO' under the active column of Webcam ID help??

However, I never get any images uploaded to Wunderground. PWS = KMASTERL9PWS Upload = None Webcam = wk1hcam1Webcam Upload = None Any thoughts or pointers would be appreciated. I tried everything I could think of with no results, and I'm a creative guy.I was able to get rid of the errors and upload success. Note: I don't have my storm yet, so don't know the status of that WU data Weather data is uploading fine, but the camera images are not being sent to Weather Underground by Bloomsky's servers. I'm sure they will address this after the crush of delivering Storm is over.

There are also some issues with battery status reporting that I believe they are working on now as well.

Hey guys, I’ve posted in a couple a couple other places.

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