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05-Dec-2019 02:17

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Discrimination against a student on political grounds, or for reasons of race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, national origin, ancestry, marital status, medical condition (Medical condition, according to the California Fair Employment and Housing Act, means “health impairment related to or associated with a diagnosis, for which a person has been rehabilitated or cured.”), status as a Vietnam-era veteran or disabled veteran, or, within the limits imposed by law or University regulations, because of age or citizenship or for other arbitrary or personal reasons.3.

Knowing violation of the University policy, including the pertinent guidelines, applying to nondiscrimination against students on the basis of handicap.4.

Faculty Code of Conduct The Faculty Code of Conduct, as approved by the Assembly of the Academic Senate, appears in full in The Manual of the Los Angeles Division of the Academic Senate.

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"There is an imbalance of power between a faculty member and a student over whom he or she has direct supervision," said Sheldon E.

Next week, professors at the University of Virginia will decide whether or not they can date students. The announcement last month of the school's new proposed legislation--the most restrictive in the country--has set off a string of debates among students and faculty at the school about the fairness of such limitations and the feasibility of enforcement.

At Harvard, the written rule is clear, the unspoken more ambiguous.

They hold before them the best scholarly standards of the discipline.

The professor demonstrates respect for the student as an individual, and adheres to the proper role as intellectual guide and counselors.The difference between the University of Virginia and Harvard, said Mac Kay-Smith, is that Virginia is trying to pass a plan that will be very specific."We don't want to specify," she said.