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In this sense, the BRRD contains a bail-in tool to satisfy claims according to a waterfall hierarchy.

Junior liabilities are bailed in first, followed by the more senior ones.

The banking system reaches a new equilibrium without the defaulted bank, with less contagion risk.

In the private intervention scenario, the troubled bank does not default and so does not create an immediate shock in the default probabilities of neighbouring banks.

In the Eurozone, essential policy developments have been recently introduced.Applying this to Italy's banking system suggests that private intervention and a bail-in minimise losses compared to liquidation, and, bail-in slightly reduces contagion effects compared to private intervention.Editors' note: This column updates the data in original Vox EU column "Bail-in versus bail-out: The Atlante example from a systemic risk perspective", and sets out some methodological improvements. Financial institutions are among the most important contributors to systemic risk.In the bail-in scenario, the troubled bank also remains part of the system as above.

In addition, burden-sharing losses are imposed to banks because they are creditors of the troubled bank.

The measure can thus be employed, in the SRM framework, to evaluate the potential losses of banks in case of a distress event under liquidation, private intervention, or bail-in.