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23-Jun-2020 13:08

Although he did not say it, she and all her friends quickly got the message about the ultimate potential of Bill Clinton.

More than twenty years before it happened, they were already talking about his becoming president of the United States. “I don’t think I knew him two hours before it dawned on me.” In addition to his intellectual and physical attractiveness, Clinton’s charisma clearly made an impact as well.

Co-founder of the American Prospect (where I got my first job in journalism!

Among the topics Reich and I cover:- His early relationship with the Clintons, including the time he went on a date with Hillary Clinton- His effort to create an…

His relationship with Ann Markusen—whom he first started to date at Georgetown—had broken off, even though he said he loved her, because he could not bring himself to say yes to a long-term relationship.

It was a story repeated again and again, throughout his stay in England and now on his return.

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More recently, Reich has emerged as perhaps the most persuasive (and, on Facebook, widely shared) surrogate for Bernie Sanders.“I’d never seen anyone with that much focus,” Nancy Bekavac said.

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