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23-Jun-2020 14:22

‘Once you do East Enders the next big thing after that can only be Hollywood.’Channel 4 did ‘deliver’ too – in the shape of Diana, aged 36, a striking independent PR, a Personal Trainer, and a woman to meet his match judging by the way she was also sporting a mean leather jacket.‘It’s never been hard for me to date somebody,’ he reflected modestly. When I lost it all it was THE worst time in my life,’ he allowed graciously. Eventually, he gave his verdict on her enthusing: ‘Diana is more than girlfriend material. ‘The good thing about that moment when you are on the floor is the only way you can look is up. Money and success gives you freedom.’ He also boasted to Diana about his BBC show: ‘East Enders on a bad night gets seven million viewers.Like once you do East Enders, the next big thing after that can only be Hollywood.’ We’re all for a bit of self-confidence, but surely that’s ridiculous?Blackwood, who plays bad boy-turned-family man Vincent Hubbard in BBC1 soap East Enders, was confirmed to be appearing in one of four planned celeb specials today.He’s the latest star to sign up to the series, joining TOWIE star Jess Wright, Gogglebox’s Scarlett Moffatt, TV star Esther Rantzen and Paralympian Will Baley.The 42-year-old star achieved fame and fortune in his early 20s, but soon found himself at rock bottom when his excessive spending sprees and flash behaviour robbed him of his home, his career and his friends.

During May 2003, Blackwood appeared in Channel 5's Celebrity Detox Camp, which involved him being filmed "pumping 18 litres of coffee solution through his anus into [his] stomach".He made his first appearance on 17 February 2015, and had many connections to different characters before actually appearing on the Square.He had previously been interviewed in a 2003 East Enders documentary on the return of Den Watts.When I wasn’t successful, women didn’t see anything to be attracted to.

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They were like: ‘yeah you might have the looks but I’ve got more money than you right now ! ’ to Esther Rantzen saying ‘we met once’ and giving her a showbiz ‘mwah-mwah’ kiss – presumably in the hope that it might impress Diana enough to make her forget he had called her ‘Daniella.’ He then told Esther to ‘stay blessed’, high-fived Diana, told the cabdriver taking Diana away ‘look after her’, and generally acted as if everything was all fine and he hadn’t just blown his chances with a beautiful woman by insulting her. He has starred alongside such performers as Amanda Holden, Nigel Lindsay, Nigel Harman, Kimberley Walsh and Neil Mc Dermott.