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The various sedimentary layers are labeled as B, E, K and W.

The timing of the fault (break) in the rocks (labeled as Q) must be included in the sequence of events.

Include all the events which can be inferred from the drawing.

This profile is composed of both the surface topography and the inferred geology underfoot.This map displays the large-scale (also called "regional") geologic features they have inferred are present beneath the landscape.Along with these geologic maps, we can reconstruct a regional geologic cross-section which would be like a great "geologic slice" through the landscape.We have seen that a cliff or a road cut is a local "geologic cross-section" -- a side view of the geology at one location.

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As geologists piece together the information at various outcrops, they can begin to assemble a "geologic map" (like a road map) of an entire region (consisting of many square miles).Cliffs, road cuts, and non-vegetated landscapes allow us glimpses into geology which is often hidden from view.