Raymond lam and tavia yeung dating

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However, Yeung managed to take two other important awards, receiving both "My Favourite Female Character" and "Best Performance of the Year".In 2010, two of Yeung's series, A Fistful of Stances and The Mysteries of Love are released in Hong Kong and instantly become TVB's top two highest rated series for the first half of year.Tavia Yeung Yi (born August 30, 1979) is a Hong Kong actress under Hong Kong's Television Broadcast Limited or TVB.

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I’d want a daughter first before having a son, because I have an older sister and realised that older sisters are definitely more attentive.”Click on for more photos of Tavia and Him’s wedding.

Having graduated from the 13th TVB Artistes Training Course in 1998, Yeung had starred in numerous MTVs and after a few minor roles in series such as Street Fighters and When Dreams come True, she caught the public's attention with her role as Ah Yan in The Awakening Story (starring Liza Wang and Damian Lau), in which she portrayed the younger sister of Maggie Cheung Ho Yee with whom she beared a remarkable resemblance.

In 2003, Yeung was awarded the most improved actress of the year by TVB with her role as Kelly, the rebellious single-mother-to be in Vigilante Force.

Actress Karena Ng (吳千語) and television presenter Akina Fong (方健儀) attended a charity event earlier this week, where they helped spread awareness of breast cancer and prevention.

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Karena said she regularly examines herself, but when asked if she would provide a breast exam for her boyfriend Raymond Lam (林峯), Karena said, “I’ve given him some products.I’ve known Him for 12 years, so I told myself that I had to do my best today.”Dressed in traditional Chinese outfits for the morning ceremony, Him was made to pick up mahjong tiles with his feet but was quickly spared by the bridesmaids who eventually allowed him to pick up his bride .