Radiocarbon dating for kids

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Before this, archaeologists and scientists relied on deductive dating methods, such as comparing rock strata formations in different regions.

Chronometric dating has advanced since the 1970s, allowing far more accurate dating of specimens.

Every one of these assumptions is highly questionable in the context of the events of Creation and the Deluge.

But it is maintained that the method has been verified beyond any question by numerous correlations with known dates.

Scientists first developed absolute dating techniques at the end of the 19th century.

Since this carbon in the atmosphere mostly becomes attached to oxygen to form carbon dioxide, and since the carbon dioxide is ingested by plants and animals and is incorporated in their biological structures, and further, since this process stops at the time of the death of the specimen, the percentage of radiocarbon among the normal carbon atoms in its system can be used to establish the date at which the specimen stops metabolizing.7-68There is no doubt that this constitutes a very ingenious and powerful dating tool, provided only that the inherent assumptions are valid.

Kulp lists the assumptions as follows: There are two basic assumptions in the carbon 14 method.

This, of course, covers the apparent periods of Biblical history, as well as more recent dates, and so bears directly upon the question of the Flood and other related events. Describing the Carbon 14 dating method which has resulted, Korff says: Cosmic ray neutrons, produced as secondary particles in the atmosphere by the original radiation, are captured by nitrogen nuclei to form the radioactive isotope of carbon, the isotope of mass 14.

Since that time, literally thousands of such measurements have been made, by workers in many different laboratories, and a great variety of archaeological and Recent geological datings have been obtained.

Possible variations in the size of the exchange reservoir under glacial climates are unimportant.

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