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28-Jun-2020 17:48

Other than the usual, I85 down there has been under construction for years.

You never know what is going to be going on there next.

Daddy had a full day of guitar students ahead of him and I hope he got enough rest.

This was a big show, over 1800 birds were entered this year.

The large fowl section had a lot of birds this year. Now on with some of the pictures from the show...first up...

If anyone were to hit that wall, there would be nowhere to go, you would just have a massive pile up. With Karen and Dwain being along I had lots of extra hands to help me get everything and everybody inside the building, get cooped in and set up the food and water cups for the birds.

After cooping in I surveyed the competition in the Asiatic and Continental classes.I woke Shelby around am and she didnt even bite my head off when I did it. We stopped through the drive thru at Mc Donalds right before we got to my parents and got a bite of breakfast. Karen was already there parked on the curb waiting for us.

In response to complaints from G riders at public hearings about losing a major transfer point to Manhattan-bound trains at Queens Plaza, the MTA agreed to a number of compromises, including installing a moving sidewalk in the passageway between Court Square and 23rd Street–Ely Avenue (now served by the This special transfer was discontinued when construction of an in-system transfer at the corner of 23rd Street and 45th Road that opened on June 3, 2011, which made only the Flushing Line station ADA-accessible.… continue reading »

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