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On July 28, 1949 the Leszno motorcycle club changed its name to Unia Leszno Speedway Club.

When the name was changed, some rules and regulations were changed as well.

It underwent a period of fast development especially between 19 when it was a seat of a voivodeship administrative area.

The Leszczyński family owned the city until 1738 when King Stanisław Leszczyński sold it after he had abdicated for the second time.

In the 1939 Invasion of Poland, the town was annexed by Nazi Germany and incorporated into Reichsgau Wartheland.

The Polish population was resettled to the General Government.

of the most important information Our fees are among the most competitive in Poland because our courses are of superior quality and attract a large number of participants.

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Around 1516, a community of Protestant Unity of the Brethren refugees expelled from the Bohemian lands of King Vladislaus II settled in Leszno invited by the noble Leszczyński family, who were since 1473 Imperial counts and had converted to Calvinism.