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Chapters 1-8Part 2: After the death of his Uncle, teenager Peter Parker, desperate to find a way to support himself and his aunt, joins the Compound.At first, he greatly enjoys his newfound sexual freedom, going from virgin to prostitute literally over night.What starts as youthful experimentation develops into a romance that must survive threats to its stability coming from all directions.With not enough money to pay the bills, Sharon and Peggy are forced to look into the mysterious Compound, a high-class brothel where the rich and powerful go to have their greatest fantasies fulfilled.If you wanna join in on next month's fun, come follow me on tumblr!

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In their most literal sense, his words refer to the ruinous casualties of World War II, but Herzog was also speaking to the peculiar situation of German cineastes looking for a way to connect to a national tradition whose continuity had been severed during the years of National Socialism, when the mighty filmmaking mechanism that had made possible the accomplishments of Fritz Lang, F. Arnold Fanck or Veit Harlan—one must still contend with the output of an active film industry at work in ensuing years, produced by the capitalist, NATO-aligned Federal Republic of Germany from the moment of its formation in 1949.

With the money gone, his family home burned to the ground, and being constantly on the run, Trevor finds it quite hard to come across money to survive as of late.