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And it attracts curious people like mosquitoes to a bug zapper.

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He was found guilty on all counts by a jury at Swansea Crown Court on Tuesday, by a majority verdict of eleven to one on each.

Hart had attended the trial which began last week, but failed to turn up to court on the day the jury would be sent out, as he had been admitted to Morriston Hospital that morning.

The tiny globe—it looks a bit like a Go Pro, a bit like a webcam—captures 360-degree photos and videos using two fish-eye lenses.

The result can then be shared with friends online, who can move around inside the image using a mouse, or viewed using a VR headset such as the Samsung Gear VR or Google Cardboard.

Abuse ruins childhoods and his actions have clearly had a significant effect on his victim into adulthood.

The i Phone was hard to come by when it first came out.

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She gave traumatic interviews to police in which she said she blamed herself for being “too afraid” to stop him.

It got to the point I had to hurt the dog to stop him.” She also said she believed she may have been drugged.