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When you lose one sense, you gain more in another sense.” In the noisiest city in America, where sound levels can reach 70 decibels in some of its busiest neighborhoods, and police receive 140,000 noise complaints in a year, Grinman operates in his own silent world.The body of scientific research on the safety of deaf drivers is limited, but recent studies indicate that deaf individuals can react more swiftly to objects at the edge of their visual field.Earlier this year, an Uber spokesperson confirmed that there were roughly 40 deaf drivers working for the company across the U. “Uber is proud that the app is being used by deaf and hard-of-hearing driver-partners to earn a living,” says Alix Anfang, a communications associate at Uber.“We have worked closely with members of the community to add features to make the app as seamless as possible and we are constantly exploring new ways to make it even better.” Uber and Lyft have the same policies for hiring or signing up drivers, regardless of if they are deaf or not.Dismay spreads across her face, her eyes absorbing the note’s message: her driver is deaf.

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Though both Uber and Lyft have been bombarded with lawsuits from blind and wheelchair passengers alleging discrimination, the National Association of the Deaf collaborated with both companies to enhance certain features on their apps that cater specifically to deaf and hard-of-hearing drivers.Grinman is oblivious to all of it; his only focus is the road.