Open office charts not updating

07-Feb-2020 11:43

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To drill down and see detail, just double-click on any of the category values, such as a particular date or the name of a store. Double-click the same category value to go back to the analysis view. Here are two dropdown lists, for data and for store.

You'll get a window asking what data you want to see more detail on. Using functions other than Sum There's more to life than addition, and with the data pilot you have several other choices.

I'm using slightly more processed data for this example, to make the examples easier and the data less voluminous, but it still works.

I selected only the core data, not the identifier at the top. This is also a benefit since it means you can more easily chart information kept in a database. Converting an analysis to a table You can paste spreadsheets into Writer and turn them into tables, as well. To apply borders, select all the data and in the Tables toolbar, click on the borders icon and choose the bottom right icon. Let the data pilot take you up for a spin I really like the data pilot.To change from Sum to something else, double-click the calculated field or click Options. Select a function in the scrolling list, then click More if you want some really serious statistical options. Here are the results of the setup you saw earlier, with Mean and Max functions instead of Sum.Controlling where the analysis shows up This is easy.Just generate the analysis, then create the chart as you normally would.

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You might need to add or delete some labels here and there in the analysis, or copy and paste the data to a different spreadsheet to get it to behave correctly.

There's also a Detail Drilldown that's on by default, which can help you go from the individual data back to the analysis results.