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Nothing will guarantee you not getting a first kiss on your first date, the way that bad breath will.

Make sure that you brush your teeth, gargle with mouthwash, and on the day of your date, you’re probably better off avoiding anything that will leave a bad smell in your mouth.

The person that you’re going out with is hoping to see if the two of you have fire, chemistry, and any type of connection together.

If they’re a detail oriented person and they care about the little things, there’s nothing wrong with that.

As long as they don’t take it to the extreme and act too judgmental.

It’s always important to present yourself in a manner as if you had put some effort into getting ready.

Your date isn’t going to want to smell the alcohol on your breath.Lotion is for people with dry skin and to prevent people from getting dry skin.Two definite places that men and women need to use lotion is on their elbows, hands, legs, and ankles.Until you have an opinion of the person and the situation yourself, you don’t need anyone’s two cents. Besides, the last thing that you want before going out on a date, is someone to be negative and pessimistic about it.

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You don’t need anyone’s input on what they think about the person you’re about to go out with.The less you spray, the more your date is going to want to breathe you in to get to your real scent (if they like you, of course).