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09-Jan-2020 18:50

Lebanese film director Mahmoud Kaabour wanted to tell the story of the people who build Dubai.His documentary, "Champ of the Camp," uses the singing competition that takes places in the labor camps across the UAE to examine their situation.In Turkey, though, a government official is being comforted after injuring his leg kicking a protester.And the CIA says it won't mix vaccine campaigns with its covert ops.But a new report finds that without action to limit climate change, the combination of rising temperatures and humidity will often push much of the region beyond the limits of human adaptability.You might not expect to see women riding motorcycles if you took to the roads of the United Arab Emirates.There is a real cosmopolitan vibe, as white sandy beaches are juxtaposed with ultra-modern architecture that always leaves me feeling awestruck.You almost feel like a member of the glitterati as you peruse high-fashion designs, beautifully presented in the Dubai Mall, a place where I can be lost for hours.

For a fun and authentic experience, I highly recommend Aprons & Hammers, who serve the best crab and lobster around, atop a traditional dhow boat.REGULAR STYRO BASE - 6 AED/macaroon SPECIAL STYRO BASE...

They should have a burner phone, he says (a disposable phone that can be used for temporary tasks and then discarded).… continue reading »

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After two short jail terms he began abusing boys in Sweden, France, Spain and Holland before moving to south-east Asia.… continue reading »

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