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Internet Safety This brochure (from Public Legal Education and Information Services of New Brunswick) provides a good summary of internet safety tips for youth.It is a quick read and the information covers the same lessons learned in the Cybersafe BC course.i-SAFE's education component provides students with dynamic, interactive, up-to-date e-Safety curriculum in the classroom, online and in the community.These prevention-oriented lessons employ peer-to-peer communication and cooperative learning activities to help students retain this valuable information.There are lots of fun and interesting places to go, but there are scary things out there too.This website has age specific information about how to have lots of fun and stay clear of the risks.

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This article won't cover all the whys or statistics of Internet safety, but if you're looking for some great resources try reading the following: The Net Smartz Workshop Web site is a virtual plethora of information, well-suited for parents, teachers, kids of all ages and teens.The Outreach component facilitates the extension of students' newly acquired e-Safety knowledge beyond the classrooms and introduces the entire community about the need to be safe online. Students are encouraged to become student i-MENTORs who communicate the e-Safety message via peer-to-peer contact and exciting community-wide activities, events and rallies.Certification is not required to teach the lessons.The website includes information on school, dating, bullying, the internet, money, work, health, family and more.

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The Door That’s Not Locked The internet is the door that’s not locked.Social media is fun - but do you know how to use it safely?