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But what is it about Cross Fit that makes it super kick ass?Yeah, sure, some may snicker as you steadily munch down on some kale-chips, tuna-everything, and protein enriched nut mixes, but you know that one day, the sickness will come again, and it won’t be after you!() All of these require dedication, and hard work on your end, but you are willing to do this to achieve the euphoric-high you receive by pushing through, and reaching your goals.You know that by performing shallow air-squats, or not getting your chest to deck during a push-up, you are only cheating yourself!Two renowned Cross Fitters are Chris Spealler, and Kristan Cleaver.Chris Spealler began Cross Fit without a coach in 2006, and has now as a completed certificate in the course Cross Fit Level One.

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With your hectic schedule, it is not always easy to make it to the gym 3-5 times per week–not to mention any personal extra curricular activities you enjoy after work! It is a strength and conditioning program which many tactical teams, police academies, martial artists, and military special ops units use to create the perfect application for anyone who is committed, regardless of their experience. Who will accomplish the most in a fifteen minute period? With regular exercise, you will raise endorphins, provide an outlet for your stress, and lower cortisol, which makes for a way less-stressed you.