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14-Mar-2020 23:01

I decided not to get another animal, I know longer wanted the responsibity of them. They seem to be coming every day and have to watch how I walk or move. I didn't go out any more than necessary with Hailley.

Chris battled cancer and died a little over a year ago. They're showing reruns this week, I think I only saw one that wasn't. Frances I just love that you do crafts with your Grandchildren... I didn't finish my bike yesterday as one was starting.

All the animals were very old and all expired while he lived with me. I have really been into watching the Hallmark Movies this year..have a bit of the Christmas Spirit already. Now I make easy bar cookies, several different kinds. Mattie Sue, was happy to hear your Brother came to visit and so glad he has beaten the cancer. Glad they have the Parkinson's under control and hope it stays that way. He has parkenson dont really know how that is spelled and it is under control no tremors thankful for that His wife said he was the best right now he had been in a while Got to run and get my dishes under way I didn't walk today with the spasm again.

My son moved in with me years ago and bought two cats and two dogs with him. I liked the sound of some of the ones that you make. Hugs and Blessings to all, Dot Hello every one it has been a nice day and I am finishing up some things I needed to do yesterday, My brother did get here and we had a super visit he looked well and is trying to lose a few lbs, I have worried about his health for some time and this visit helped , Cancer twice and now he seems well , from all of his ills .

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