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27-Nov-2019 04:12

I only watched it for Mao’s screen time, but I did get the gist of the whole drama through their actions and for a drama in the 90’s, I could say it was well done.This is a family drama that has only 3 episodes but it certainly was able to show the culture of Japanese during turbulent times. Not to forget that Mao’s character as Ayako was fairly important in this drama, she mostly kept her adoptive parents on their toes and literally kept one of the family members alive.Iwasaki Mineko is a real life Geisha portrayed by Inoue Mao.In this drama, she specifically trained in the art of being a Geisha.(Aside that, she’s pretty quiet and really good in evading horrible news when it comes to her own private matters.As an artist who’s able to do that, it’s pretty amazing, since it’s not that easy to avoid snoops these days.Then there’s her extensive work in the entertainment industry.

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She was basically the good daughter who goes around trying to simply be behind the scenes while her older sisters fight over their father’s promise of inheritance.On a side note: this is the first drama that I’ve seen Inoue Mao together with Nakamura Toru.