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Birth Name: Chris Ivery Date of Birth: 1967 Birthplace: Cambridge, Massachusetts Ethnicity: African American Occupation: Record Producer Birth Name: Ellen Kathleen Pompeo Date of Birth: 10-Nov-69 Birthplace: Everett, Massachusetts Ethnicity: Irish/Italian Occupation: Actress Copyright 2009 .Birth Name: Cliff Skelton Date of Birth: NA Birthplace: Vancouver, British Columbia Ethnicity: Caucasian Canadian Occupation: Film Director Birth Name: Debra Renee Wilson Date of Birth: 26-Apr-62 Birthplace: New York City, New York Ethnicity: African American Occupation: Comedienne, Actress Copyright 2009 .Kwame's mother, Willena Cannon, might well have been shot herself that November morning had she not been putting her two youngest children - Imani, 5, and Kweli, 2 - into her sister's car seconds before the melee broke out.Hearing all the gunfire and creaming, she ran through the smoke to her friend, Jim Waller, who was bleeding on the ground. "I kneeled down and put his head in my lap, and Nelson [Johnson] and I were trying to talk to bim when he died.We could see the light go out in him." Police - who had left the demonstration at a.m.to take a "lunch break" - arrived only after the shooting had stopped, even though an informant for the Greensboro Police Department and a federal agent were with the Klansmen and knew their plans. My body literally shut down." When did this happen? Emily Mann's new play, "Greensboro: A Requiem," now playing at Mc Carter Theatre tells the story of that day, Nov. Klansmen and American Nazis shot 13 people that day - several of them right between the eyes. Others - including Paul Bermanzohn, who was paralyzed - were permanently injured.One of the first things police did after their arrival was to arrest demonstrators - including Willena Cannon, who tried to stop their frenzied attack on Nelson Johnson, a fellow organizer, who had been stabbed in the shoulder by a Klansman. She was arrested and charged with interfering with arrest; then she was taken to jail and interrogated. Even though the video coverage showed the murders clearly, an allwhite jury acquitted the Klansmen and Nazis of all charges.A civil trial eventually determined collusion between the Klan and Greensboro police in the slayings and ordered the City of Greensboro to pay damages to the widows and children of the victims. Nor did any Klansman ever spend a day in prison for the murders - not even Dave Matthews, who admitted to police that he thought he had shot three people.

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Kwame already has served 10 years in prison - his remaining teenage years and all of his young adulthood.

But Kwame - not suspecting what was coming - said, "No.

I just want to get it over with right now." The judge then pronounced Kwame's penalty: two life sentences to be served one after the other.

The total value of the property stolen during all six burglaries was less than 0.

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Kwame's lawyer - to whom his mother paid ,500 - advised Kwame to plea-bargain in exchange for seven to 10 years instead of the "usual" 14.Witness to massacre, 10 years old at time, serves life sentences Kwame Cannon was 10 years old the rainy November morning he went with his mother to an anti-Ku Klux Klan rally outside the public housing project where they lived in Greensboro, N. The dmonstration was led by Kwame's mother and her friends - leaders of an nterracial group working to organize black and white factory workers at local textile mills.