Nokia n95 updating dota 2

09-Mar-2020 13:11

The app has been downloaded most on the phones they've launched it on?I have to say that the new app is quite nice, but it does have some odd quirks, like once you've put in a destination you can only add waypoints from well known places or favourites - you can't add a postcode or point on the map for example.The downside is that it appears to be hard coded to use the celluar network for data traffic (as you'd expect if you're outside but if I'm in my house and want to find say a restaurant near me I can't use my wifi connection to do it..... Simon You obviously haven't used the latest OVI Maps on one of these devices have you.The interface for OVI is much improved over what it was.

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Over 70 countries, 11 devices and counting for OVI.Apparently its to do with where it needs to install stuff and the N97 not usually having the space on that part (labeled the C drive) I managed to get it installed (and more importantly working) by grabbing down the mini version and installing by hand after deleting a lot of guff.

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