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The two friends also talked about how they had changed.Barton discovered that she didn’t like to hide her feelings anymore.

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At Las Tías, the after-school program in León where she worked five days a week helping adolescents with homework and teaching English, she worried that her imperfect Spanish would hurt her credibility with the students, some of whom were only a year younger than she was. Back in Hailey, Idaho, the tall brunette with the shy smile and indirect gaze had been an excellent high school student, an accomplished ballet dancer—and a master of avoiding intimidating situations. Barton came up with what she thought were great proposals for things she could do for Las Tías, but the organization’s leaders had other ideas. Barton understood why: Las Tías could use the cash to buy supplies for their cosmetology classes, or a computer for the office.

Barton was under no illusions that she brought with her a special American ability to improve this developing nation. “I don’t think I came here thinking I was going to change the world,” Barton says.