Nasty adult chat

20-Jun-2020 17:56

But before we get to dealing with rude customers, let’s talk about one sentence that you probably hear all the time.

If I’m told that I’m not trained well or I’m bad mannered – it’s still personal. I’m not telling you to feel peaceful while you’re in the middle of a shitstorm. There is just one important rule: don’t show your feelings to the customer.And I tell you: it’s a great shield against rudeness. It should make them feel that you understand what they’re going through and should calm them down a bit.Here’s what good apology is about accordingly to Jason Fried and David Hansson’s book, “Rework“: Above words make sense when there is no doubt that the problem is your company’s fault.Working in customer service means that you meet rude customers all the time and you’re not going to avoid it.

There is one thing though you can do to not let them rule your head: you need to understand who are the villains spoiling your days.

That also means that if you want peace, not war, you should never argue.