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GKLM 174 – Rule: If a man knows that by speaking to a non-Mahram woman, he will fall into sin, then he must not speak to her; whether the woman speaks in such a way that she lures him into sin, or the topic is such that the man falls into sin.

BGKLMS 175 – Rule: It is haram for a man to speak to a non-Mahram woman with the intention of making her fall into sin.

The speaking does not lead either one of them to commit a sin.

BGKLMS 173 – Rule: It is Makruh to speak to non-Mahram women, unless it is in the case of a necessity, especially if the one being spoken to is a young woman.

(In the event that the man knows that he will not fall into a sin? GK Answer: In the event that it helps or leads to a haram act, it must be avoided.

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"That is the biggest reason that keeps popping up with my colleagues and I." Yet the question of Safe Schools education does not bother her at all."There are many of us who, whilst believing that the act of homosexuality is forbidden, understand that we cannot judge someone and that the issue of religion is separate from the civil laws that should be passed to ensure equality before the law," she said."The majority of people who object to the Safe Schools program have no understanding of what is actually taught and could distinguish between hyperbole and fact."Education on consent, safe sex and healthy relationships shouldn't be viewed as controversial."Mr Ali said he is aware that his views are in the minority in the Muslim community, and that a lot of LGBTI Muslims struggle to find a place in their community of faith.

But now one Muslim leader has offered an explanation.

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