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A lot of additional command-line options are supported to control in detail what is being imported and modify the import parameters, but the details depend on the content of the OVF file.

It is therefore recommended to first run the import subcommand with the option.

The machine must not conflict with one already registered in Virtual Box and it may not have any hard or removable disks attached.

It is advisable to place the definition file in the machines folder before registering it.

This will then print a description of the appliance's contents to the screen how it would be imported into Virtual Box, together with the optional command-line options to influence the import behavior.

Use of the : option enables additional fine tuning of the clone operation.

VBox Manage supports all the features that the graphical user interface gives you access to, but it supports a lot more than that.

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The settings password is used for certain settings which need to be stored encrypted for security reasons.Some of the more advanced settings, however, are only available through the interface.These commands require that the machine is powered off (neither running nor in "saved" state).There are two ways you can do this: to have all currently registered VMs listed with all their settings, including their respective names and UUIDs.

Some typical examples of how to control Virtual Box from the command line are listed below: When running VBox Manage without parameters or when supplying an invalid command line, the below syntax diagram will be shown.

By default, a unique uuid within the appropriate namespace is automatically generated.