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A female suspect stole 10 pairs of frames from Lens Crafters, 5684 Centerpark Way, on Sept. A 15-year-old Milwaukee boy was cited for retail theft after stealing a shirt from Kohl's, 5650 N.

Two suspects stole 0 worth of merchandise from Pick 'N Save, 1735 W. An unlocked 2017 Kia Sorento SUV was stolen from a driveway on Prospect Avenue between p.m.

A 23-year-old Milwaukee woman was arrested for OWI by drugs, marijuana possession and resisting arrest at Milwaukee River Parkway and Sunny Point Road at a.m. The driver refused to exit, was removed by the officer, continued to resist and was taken to the ground. A house in the 6400 block of Sunny Point Road was burglarized between p.m. An officer who approached a vehicle for loitering in the Motel 6 parking lot, 5485 N. The officer found an oxycodone pill and a bag of crack cocaine. A 29-year-old Tucson, Arizona, man was arrested for marijuana possession, possession of narcotic drugs and a warrant after the driver was pulled over for expired registration in the 800 block of West Silver Spring Drive at a.m.

This gem of a system has grown to include more than 20 miles of trails in a classic Northwoods landscape: hemlocks, pines, balsams and a smattering of deciduous trees on a rolling landscape interspersed by small streams and beaver ponds.RICHFIELD - A 65-year-old Sussex man was cited for disorderly conduct after a couple reported seeing the man performing yoga naked on a platform in the Richfield Historical Park. His vehicle was found unoccupied, according to the sheriff's department, and because darkness fell, the incident evolved into "more of a wellness check."The sheriff's office used an unmanned aircraft system, equipped with a forward-looking infrared camera (FLIR), and located the man just before 9 p.m.