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She considers herself wise about the world and constantly tries to educate Marshall, the family member with whom she has the closest relationship.In the pilot episode, Tara transitions into teenage alter-ego T when she finds a prescription for the morning-after pill in Kate's backpack.She briefly did internet peep shows as Princess Valhalla Hawkwind in exchange for gifts on her online gift registry.She soon stopped, when she met a man named Zac (over the internet in a webcam chat), and started dating him, but she broke things off near the end of season 2.Tara's natural personality is somewhat of a mixture of all her alters.The cause of Tara's condition was allegedly believed to be a rape that took place while she was a teenager, but later discovered that both she and Charmaine were molested by their older half-brother Bryce.By the beginning of season two she is able to become aware of her alters (co-consciousness) and communicate with them while still being conscious.

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United States of Tara centers on the characters comprising the Gregson family.Secondary characters include love interests, neighbors, friends and Tara's therapists.Tara's "alters", or alternate personalities, stand as characters in their own rights and continually interact with the other characters and sometimes with each other and Tara.Max Gregson (John Corbett), Tara's husband, is a nurturing man who unconditionally supports Tara and attempts to resolve conflicts and support her.

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He acts as caretaker to both of his children and, despite the challenges and frustrations, Max is a committed husband and father.She is eager to leave town and find a new, alters-free life elsewhere yet she is ultimately unable to abandon her mother in her unending personal crisis.