Mennonite rules on dating

02-Jul-2020 20:31

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Women's Garb.--Women may be seen dressed in bright purple apron, orange neckerchief, or (on Sunday) white caps without ruffle; or borders and white neckerchiefs with gowns of sober woolen stuff, and all wearing aprons.Even a dark-eyed maiden of three years might have her sweet face encircled by the plain muslin cap, the little figure dressed in plain gown.The plain people garb themselves not in the manner of the Jew, (whom they unconsciously imitate in many ways--as do all Christians), but after the priests and nuns.The older leaders of the plain people imitated the Catholic clergyman in dress and in discipline, representative of a section of Europe following the Reformation.The plain man's pants open toward the sides, almost at the side seams, with a resultant wide flap in the front.

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It is the usual thing for Old Order Amish boys to wear their hats nearly all of the time, except while in school.

ISN'T IT TRUE that the average person likes to know something odd or curious about the "other fellow," while assuming that there is little or nothing odd about himself?

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