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The solid top versions are as good as low to mid priced Martins, they just don't have the famous name and badge. It is in perfect condition not even a scratch on it. My great uncle gave it to me when I was 8 and I will never be able to play it so I don't want it to go to waist.

I have a beautiful Sigma DR-35, with two internal numbers, one on the block at the base of the neck #905055, the other is on the inside, branded on one of the two back strips, #S23677. Thanks Hi, you have a 12 string Dreadnought with mahogany back and sides. Some say that the first two or the last digits of the serial number denote the year of manufacture, but this is not reliable as Martin used different factories to produce their Sigmas. The best you can due is a bill of sale IF it's from the original dealer and it's a guess how long they had it for sale.

They were made in Japan from '70 until 1983, then moved to Korea.

From what I understand, the company that now owns the Sigma brand has been making guitars since 2011, but they have nothing to do with Martin. If you want the whole Wikipedia version, click here.

If you need more in-depth info, you'll need to get familiar with Google. This is the DR1ST model, made in Korea in about 1998. I have referenced the serial number on the Martin website and that's what I get.

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I think it's nice that Martin included the Sigmas in their regular serial number runs, rather than treat the brand like an outcast.The headstock has a "Sigma Guitars by Martin & Co." decal.