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15-Jun-2020 03:41

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The only real logic behind that was that it “looked” right. Brian works as the Developer Content Manager at Telerik (though this site is not affiliated with his employer) focused on ensuring that the Developer Relations team creates top notch content for the web development community.

Unfortunately, if you run the demo long enough the trucks could easily move off the visible map. Previously, Brian focused on publishing HTML, CSS and Java Script developer content for the Adobe Developer Connection at Adobe.

(I basically clicked in a circle around the center of town.) Again, the call to “/markers” represents a server-side function I’ll discuss later. But since I’m dealing with an Ajax call, I can’t be sure that a particular Ajax request has ended before the next interval runs.

The important thing to remember is that it returns an array of data. So – this by itself handles the basic operation – hit the server, render the markers.

You can find a full list of Brian's past publications and presentations.

Download the sample dataset by GPS_track_to your computer.

I ended up using a random value between -0.002 and and 0.002.Each truck has an ID, a name, and position value consisting of latitude and longitude.

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