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Leading from here were three corridors each ending in a shrine, one for each kind of Krishna – Venugopala, Janardana and Prasanna Keshava, though only two remain in their original form.In the darkness of the sanctum sanctorum, I tried to discern the different images.

Again we must remain one people and we have, therefore, to give basic training to our schools to speak and understand more languages than one and to appreciate and respect the different religions prevailing in India. Any attempt to do away with a stream roll the differences through governmental coercion and indirect pressure would be as futile as it would be unwise.It is important that they should cooperate and understand the others as well.1.The small village of Somnathpur contains an extraordinary temple, built around 1268 A. by the Hoyasalas of Karnataka – one of the most prolific temple-builders.Most methods used to control soil erosion involve, keeping the soil covered with vegetation.planting surface – a practice that makes it vulnerable to soil erosion.

To reduce erosion, an increasing number of farmers in many countries are using conservation – tillage farming, also known as minimum – tillage, or no- till farming, depending on the degree to which the soil is disturbed.

It is not right for us in India to be overtaking the young mind. Any imposition of a single way of life and form of workshop on all children or neglect of a section of the pupils in this respect, or barren secularization will lead to conflict between school and home life which is harmful.

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