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This year, when new boys force them to make tough choices, Lauren and the girls are about to find out that not even friendships can be taken for granted.When the debut season of The Hills ended, Lauren had passed up the opportunity to work in Paris for the summer to live in a beach house with her vaguely Neanderthal-ish boyfriend Jason.

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As entertaining as this 3-disc, 12-episode set is, this series also reveals the worst caricatures about mean girls and young women.

Spencer actually is an honorary mean girl, cattier and more jealous than any of the women on the show.

Last season's finale left viewers wondering whether Lauren would work towards her future and go to Paris, or remain in the past and live with Jason.

If Lauren is the determined and good rich girl, Heidi is the manipulative bad seed.

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She scares a boyfriend into thinking she's pregnant to test how much he loves her and then maintains her innocence when he gets angry at her deception. There are times you may empathize with her, but those few moments are negated by her stupidity when it comes to her slimy boyfriend Spencer, whose claim to fame is hanging around any place (and any one) where there is a camera crew.When Lauren tells Heidi what she really thinks about Spencer, Heidi must choose between her best friend and her boyfriend.7 - WITH FRIENDS LIKE THESE.