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14-Jul-2020 01:31

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I need an owner that can insure their total permanent ownership of me, can absolutely guarantee, (and yes there is a way to absolutely guarantee such a thing, ask me later, and i will go over it for you), that i cannot run away or escape such lifetime enslavement.

i can and will do anything around the house from cleaning, yard work, chauffeuring, handy man type jobs, accounting and bookkeeping, act as whipping boy, sex slave duties, and anything else my potential OWNERS may wish of me.

Although i have always known i was a sissy, i have just recently, and most reluctantly i might add, come to all the other realizations. In a way, i am angry that i was chosen to be a sissy slave while others were chosen to be doctors, football players, musicians, and so on. Shortly after puberty, i tried to find some one to submit myself to, with no luck.

I took that to mean that i really wasn't a sissy, and decided to live my life as if i wasn't one, and fought against the internal pressure to become one.

That if i am ever going to find real happiness, real contentment, real fulfillment, real lifelong satisfaction, i better get on with, accepting what fate has decreed is my only path to those goals, finding a place to be what fate has decreed that i have no choice but to be, and start learning how to be and what it takes to succeed at being what fate has decreed i must be, a sissy servant slave. But one that, when the dust settles, and the fur quits flying, you will find ultimately, satisfactory." Please, I know this sounds like total b.s.

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