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27-May-2020 00:54

When using a Marxist analysis of capitalism within this sex/gender system, the exclusion of women from the system of exchange establishes men as sellers and women as their commodities fit for exchange.

She ultimately hopes for an "androgynous and genderless" society in which sexual difference has no socially constructed and hierarchical meaning.

Rubin first rose to recognition through her 1975 essay "The Traffic in Women: Notes on the 'Political Economy' of Sex", in which she attempted to discover historical social mechanisms by which gender and compulsory heterosexuality are produced, and women are consigned to a secondary position in human relations.

In 1978 Rubin moved to San Francisco to begin studies of the gay male leather subculture, seeking to examine a minority sexual practice neither from a clinical perspective nor through the lens of individual psychology but rather as an anthropologist studying a contemporary community.

People fail to recognize that just because they do not like to do something does not make it repulsive.

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Rubin argues that historical patterns of female oppression have constructed this role for women in capitalist societies.

People feel a need to draw a line between good and bad sex as they see it standing between sexual order and chaos.

There is a fear that if certain aspects of "bad" sex are allowed to move across the line, unspeakable acts will move across as well.

Rubin addresses Marxist thought by identifying women's role within a capitalist society.

She argues that the reproduction of labor power depends upon women's housework to transform commodities into sustenance for the worker.In this essay, Rubin also discusses a number of ideological formations that permeate sexual views.

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