Kristin russo and dannielle owens reid dating dads against daughters dating rules

05-Dec-2019 01:14

Marchese added that the Charter is currently working on a bystander-intervention training program to teach people ways that they can safely intervene if they witness a bullying incident.

“We need to change the notion that bullying is part of growing up and that bullies are just kids being kids.

The organization originated in 2010 with a website offering advice to LGBTQ youth who are “confused about sexuality, gender-identity, dating, falling in love or even dressing up like Super Woman.” Bullying is an issue that resonates with nearly everyone, but it is an extremely personal one for Stand Up faculty advisor Jeremy Marchese.

“I was bullied basically every day of my middle school and high school life as a kid for being gay,” he said.

Some of the club’s popularity may be attributed to its campaign video (see below) created in 2012 that is now shown at every new student orientation session and at Convocation.The goal, says Russo, is to provide a much-needed resource that is currently being overlooked.