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26-Feb-2020 01:20

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Women hope the course will give them an edge selecting a husband South Korea's society has changed massively in the last 30 years, with the roles of the traditionally dominant men and submissive women being transformed.

Students learn everything from the complex rules and traditions dictating a formal Korean wedding to the symbolism of food served on special occasions.

"Like most Korean families, we hold ceremonies to remember our ancestors.

I knew roughly that on those occasions I had to hold my hands in front of me. Yesterday I learned that women have to put their right hand over their left, while men put their left hand over their right.

Your coworkers do not need to know the intimate details of your romance," she says.

"No posting information or photos about your latest love interest on Facebook or sending tweets about it.

This includes kissing, hugging, hand-holding, or even staring at each other from across the room.

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You may still have to see or work with the person," says Pachter.When the new legislation was announced, many residents assumed it meant restrictions on revealing outfits that are prevalent on the streets of Seoul and other South Korean cities.The so-called "no pants" look has become a fashion staple, with women ditching pants and skirts for leggings, stocking or barely-there microshorts.When entering a Korean home, you must remove your shoes. Koreans have a special relationship with their floor, on which they sit and often sleep. ’ Unlike the Japanese, Koreans usually eat their rice with a spoon, and they never raise the rice bowl off of the table towards their mouths.

A dirty floor is intolerable in a Korean home, and they view Westerners as backward savages for remaining shod in our living rooms. Also, chopsticks must never be left sticking out of the rice bowl, as this resembles the way rice is offered to the dead.

The reason that so many women sign up is the deep-rooted belief that it will give them a boost in the marriage stakes.

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