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18-Dec-2019 14:56

Despite mixed reviews, the 1990 version of Flatliners went on to become a cult hit.Perhaps that's what ultimately persuaded the makers of this new version to play it just as safe.Rather than following through, like their characters, they take refuge in pop psychology, delivering a shallow, unsatisfying message about taking responsibility for one's past mistakes.When it was announced last year that Kiefer Sutherland had signed onto the project, he described it as a sequel rather than a remake.Having skipped the first grade—don't act like you're not impressed—I was the last person to get her period, her license, and the legal go-ahead to imbibe alcohol.I began high school at age 13, college at 17, and was a fresh 21 when I started my first big girl job.Flatliners' main problem - and again this can be traced back to the film's roots - is its resolution.

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For the first time in my life, I was the "old intern." I became accustomed to explaining to my supervisors, all of whom were my age, that I wanted to learn the industry from the "ground up." But the God's honest truth is that I had little interest in paying my dues.I just wanted a job commensurate with my age, something I had somehow confused with experience.Related: After a year of interning and freelance assisting, I finally landed my first magazine job—well, sort of.Reports, at the time, said Sutherland would reprise his role as Nelson Wright.

Now there's an idea that might have taken us somewhere interesting.

FLATLINERS, Mark II, is more push-start than reboot.