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Watch Us Weekly's video recap above and read on for the five most shocking moments: 1.A potential new staffer’s arrival shook up the staff Bailey (Chandra Wilson) brought on a doctor named Eliza (Marika Dominczyk) to observe the hospital and give advice on how to improve their residency program.Then, to really drive the point home that she was not here for his games, she uttered those three little words no one should ever hear: "I swiped left." April later told Jackson that the date was horrible and asked him, "How do you do this?" After advising her to keep dating (can people on this show please stop telling people they love to go on dates?We're excited to see what Teddy does once she's back and we're betting it has everything to do with Owen and his sister, Megan.

Teddy Altman will be coming back to Grey Sloan Memorial in Season 14!Maggie (Kelly Mc Creary) admitted to Chief Webber (James Pickens Jr.) that she realized because of Eliza that her teaching skills could use some work. At the end of the day, their argument came to a boiling point, and Amelia admitted to Owen that she doesn’t want to have a baby.Amelia went to Meredith’s house, and Alex tried to stop her from coming in because he assumed she hadn’t told Owen about her secret baby who passed away.When she arrived, all of the doctors feared that they were getting fired.

“They’re gonna overhaul the program because I beat up De Luca,” Alex (Justin Chambers) said to Meredith (Ellen Pompeo).

April told current roommate, ex-husband and current father of their child (it’s simple, really) that she was going on the date.