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it was sad to see the botwins go after 8 years of laughter and tears. I rarely find a series that entertains me enough to stick with it for longer than a season or two. I simply couldn't wait to see what Nancy was going to get herself into next.

At the end of Season 7 I was REALLY hoping we'd get a season 8.

In 2010, she starred alongside Bruce Willis in 'RED' and reprised her role in the 2013 sequel 'RED 2'.

Personal life: Mary-Louise Parker has a son named William Atticus Crudup, whose father is her partner from 1996 to 2003 Billy Crudup. In 2007, she adopted a girl from Ethiopia named Caroline 'Ash' Aberash Parker.

While trying to pursue acting, she got a job at a shoe company measuring people's feet.

Other changes include new opening credits, which map out Nancy's previous moves, and the return of the original theme song, "Little Boxes," each time performed by different musicians, like Nealon and Steve Martin, while the finale skips ahead eight years to catch up with everybody, including Stevie (Mateus Ward) and characters from Agrestic and Ren Mar.

Season 8 provided closure to me for the characters. It brought the series around full circle with the 5 mainstays of the show.