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Could you adsive me how to directly contact to the merchant or give me the official email address for me. You are led to believe this is a free watch, cost frt. Then if you do not respond in regards to what a cheap piece of junk it is within 14 days of receipt, they whack your account for another .21 .

I did not make or authorize anyone to do that transaction.

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Can you please look into this matter a get a hold of me. Please DO NOT TAKE 4.39 FOR MY ACCOUNT AGAIN, I RECIEVED 0NE LOT OF THESE TABLETS , WHICH HAD BEEN OPENED AND INSTEAD OF 60 I RECIEVED ABOUT 20 , THE PACKAGE HAD NOT BEEN OPENED SO THIS HAD BEEN DONE PRIER TO PACKING , I HVE PAID 3 TIMES NOW AND AM OFFICALLY CANCELLING MY ORDER AS I THOUGHT IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A TRIAL.... Think this people or a person needs a pulled in the head. Krauser Seriess LLC 884-804-7690 recurring charge .95 found on my November 2017 credit card statement. Call to vendor appears to go to offshore call center (very nice, helpful) told me that I allegedly elected to join a "VIP club subscription" for access to discounted products resulting from an Amazon purchase of a hair brush. Amazon purchase procedures offer no option to do so! He hasn't received the package yet and we're doubting he will.

I have searchd and do not know what company that is charging me this amount. people now be a aware no more order on line and cancel all your credit card. I would ask that this amount of .95 be returned to my Union Bank Ac 2801166873 Thank you. My father bought something of a website and this was in the payment details.

My email address is [email protected] I wish to cancel my order as of today bottle had been opened and about 20 tablets left in the bottle ,this had been done prier to packing as the package had not been open ! Is so many people make complaints of taking money out of there credit cards . No tracking option, and no responses from the customer service that they advertise. was also linked to website, both seem to be scams =( You (VISA PURCHASE(OS) GBPay - *dailycare 0512 OSAmt 88.12 USD) have removed money from my account without authorization.

Merci Dear Sir Madam, I was charged at 872.50 USD at FTP*Paramount Wireless today.

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My email address is [email protected]Thanks and Best regards. Then this and 3 other charges appeared, all close to but not exceeding 0. Billie Beware of the "free gift of your choice offered as a valued Walmart or Amazon shopper. Congrats, you just received a .00 piece of Chinese junk for over 0.00!

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No credit card is needed at registration and the service is discreet and secure.

Situation: "I'm a high school student and I want an i Tunes account to download some free music onto my i Pod.

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But sadly I don't have a credit card yet and how can I create an i Tunes account without that?

Before getting a job (so that I can apply for a credit card), I hope I can create an app store account so as to put my i Tunes gift cards on that account. Don't Miss: How to Backup i Pod Music to i Tunes Library Analysis: In many instances, by creating an i Tunes account without credit card linked, we can prevent spending the money that we don't need to pay.