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27-Jan-2020 18:25

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But this is exactly what happened on last night’s premiere of the UK’s long-anticipated new show Hex.

Set in a gothic boarding school in England, Hex (airing Sunday nights on Sky One) is a raw and edgy drama that centers on Cassie (Christina Cole), a shy girl who has recently and unexpectedly gained supernatural powers, and her best friend Thelma (Jemima Rooper), a witty lesbian.

Whereas, when we were in London doing it for a long time, it was very hard to keep it together very often.

[Star] James Corden very much likes to make us laugh on stage, if he can," the 30-year-old actress told United Press International in a recent phone interview.

"The hardest thing was changing and using my voice a lot," Rooper noted.

"But apart from that, it's really fun and I have a ball doing it." Asked if she thought, "I am one cool dude," when she first looked in the mirror and saw herself decked out to play Roscoe, Rooper said with a laugh, "I wanted all the women and all the men to fall in love with me." She went on to recall how it initially was difficult to imagine herself as a male criminal during the rehearsal period for the show because she was wearing her everyday clothing and had long hair.

jemima rooper dating-83

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So, what is it like playing the role of Rachel, a woman posing as her deceased gangster sibling Roscoe to cover up the fact her fiance killed him?

For Rooper, one of the most satisfying elements of the show is the audience's raucous response during each performance.