Ishihara satomi oguri shun dating datingsite voor knappe mensen

17-Feb-2020 20:18

It seems that among the women he has met there, there is one that has particularly caught his interest, and he is even renting an expensive apartment for her.But these two (alleged) scandals don’t top the biggest of all, which is a possible sex tape.

What’s more, this occurred all the while Yamada Yu sat at home pregnant with Oguri Shun’s child.

Apart from that, he has been said to frequent cabaret clubs and make advances toward the women who work in these clubs.

Ever since he was single, he has always been thought to have a way with women.

Oguri Shun’s affairs have now become so infamous that he is even being referred to as the Tiger Woods of Japan.

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For all we know, it is only a matter of time before a possible string of mistresses may come forward.

According to Cyzo the woman sent an email to a weekly magazine claiming she was in possession of a sex tape of herself and Oguri Shun. The editor of that magazine stated: “From just having watched the video alone, I can see a man that looks like Oguri Shun, but I can’t verify if it is actually him.