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For Early Action applicants, the PFAA is due along with the admissions application on November 1st.

For Regular Decision applicants, the PFAA is due by February 1st, though earlier submission is preferred.

However, Princeton does consider a number of other factors in the admissions process, including personal and academic achievements and evidence that you’ve taken full advantage of the opportunities available to you.

Since so few of the many qualified students who apply can be selected for admission, academic excellence alone is not sufficient to gain admission to Princeton; you’ll need to shine in other areas of your application as well.

Princeton was the first university to institute a financial aid policy under which students are not expected to routinely take out student loans, and 83% of their students now graduate debt-free.

(They have since been joined in this policy by a number of other schools.) However, parents have the option to take out loans directly from Princeton or from the federal government in order to finance their share of the cost, if they so choose. They’ll also need to fill out the Princeton Financial Aid Application, known as the PFAA.

Below, we’ll go over the processes and expectations of each of Princeton’s application options.

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1,312 students ended up enrolling as Princeton undergraduates in the fall of 2016.

Popular concentrations at Princeton include economics, political and public-policy fields, computer engineering, and biology. These programs are supplemental to the student’s concentration, and play a comparable role to academic minor programs at other schools.

Students who participate in one or more of the 53 certificate options take certain required courses and complete another “As you would expect from the top-ranked college in the country, Princeton has an extremely competitive admissions process.

If you’re the kind of student who thrives in a highly challenging academic environment, you may already be considering applying to Princeton University. However, the name of “Princeton University” wasn’t adopted until 1896. Applicants have the option of either applying to Princeton through the Single-Choice Early Action program, or through the Regular Decision program.

Considered by some to be the best university in the United States, Princeton has a long list of illustrious faculty and accomplished alumni. Princeton changed its location several times during its earlier years of operation, but it has been located in the suburban setting of Princeton, New Jersey since 1756, on a 500-acre campus often cited for its beauty. We’ll go over the deadlines and requirements for each program later in this post.

For students whose family income is under ,000 per year, Princeton will assess an expected family contribution of zero.