Is johnny nitro still dating melina

09-Mar-2020 16:10

She won her second WWE Divas Championship belt on 2010 beating champion Alicia Fox.

Besides her wrestling prowess, she will always be remembered for her sexy entrance.

After winning Miss Hawaiian Tropic Anaheim and prior to joining WWE, she triumphed in various modeling completions including Group USA Bridal Show, Group USA Fashion Show, Ms.

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However, the American national of Mexican ethnicity is definitely a hot woman who has an impressive physical sex appeal, thanks to her strongly built hourglass shaped body (body measurements of 34-25-34 inches), thick natural black hair, well maintained body weight (123 lbs., she follows a self made exercise plan 5 to 7 days a week which includes weights, cardio and silk training and eats health foods that are rich in protein and carbohydrate in accordance to her diet plans), toned legs, meaty thighs, and nevertheless, those mighty breasts (yes, they are breast implants. fans argue that she should have stayed as a natural beauty and we think the same.) However, we are the same people who like to humiliate a woman if she has small breasts. Impressively, Melina's net worth is speculated to be around 1 million US dollar as of September, 2015.

After his injury angle on the RAW Super Show to write him off of television, RAW Superstar John Morrison’s (John Hennigan) contract with the WWE expired on Wednesday (November 30).

In a video on, Interim RAW General Manager and Executive Vice President of Talent Relations John Laurinaitis, in character, wished Morrison well in his future endeavors, sarcastically hoping that Morrison gets well soon and adding that he was not going to re-sign Morrison given his losing streak.

Important findings from the interview: She revealed that Mike was her second boyfriend she’s ever had in her life and they were dating even before she joined the industry.

According to her, John was her second boyfriend and they dated in on-again and off-again basis for 11 years.However, she started from the first brick building a strong base for her wrestling career.